Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 91

Farewell New York. This is not good-bye I assure you.
I've had an absolutely amazing time while I was here. Sadly enough, the pictures just don't do it justice. This place is like a whole other world. Completely overwhelming.
Because of the enormousness of the city I found that my standard 55mm wasn't cutting it. Soooo.....I decided to rent a lens today. The pictures you see below were all taken with a 17-55 wide angle lens.

The first photo was taken in the middle of Times Square. I added and exposure contrast, and b&w layer. Lastly I duplicated the background layer and changed it to b&w as well and then used the eraser tool to select the few cabs.

Times Square Yellow Cabs:

The second shot was taken at Central Station. Wow. This place is unbelievably beautiful!! I couldn't get enough of it. High Ceilings, giant windows, people running about. To see that much wide open space in NY (aside from Central Park) is rare. I added a b&w layer and added a tint to give it that "old-timey" feel. My main goal with PS here was to bring out the rays of sun coming through the window.

Sun Rays at Central Station:


dena said...

WOW.......just WOW!

Christie said...

Sweet! I bet you had so much fun with that lens. I can't wait to go back to NY this summer, it is so much fun.

Deidra Haigh said...

Thanks you two!! Mom - you HAVE to go with me next time.

Christie- I know you'll have blast. Is this you semi-annual H&M stock up? :)

W said...

The sun effect is called God rays!