Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107

This is shaping up to be a great Saturday.
First I got my hair done. Since we've moved to Chicago I've given up spending $200 plus getting my hair done and have decided to put my fate in the Aveda Institute. To date they have not let me down. I mean c'mon, all I get is an all over color, how much could they possible screw it up? On second thought don't answer that.
Then the husband and I went for stroll up through the Southport corridor (while on the way I talked him into making an Anthropologie pit stop!) and around Wrigleyville. Good walk.
Now we're home and getting ready to go back out to help Nicole celebrate her birthday!! Tapas are on the menu tonight. Most likely will be a late night so I'm posting early.

Lastly I'm showing off a new PS trick! I used a contrast, exposure and saturation layer. Lastly I used a distort filter and selected spherize to give the fish eye appearance. The results? A giant life like rain drop. I like it! Enjoy!

Rain Drop Flowers:


Christie said...

Mmmm, enjoy the tapas! Your photos continue to show your talent, keep it up Deidra.

dena said...

I love this photo! GOOD JOB