Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27th

So my year of blogging did not go as expected as anyone who followed me would know.
BUT although it wasn't all documented 2010 has been a fantastic year.
Perhaps the most exciting part of 2010 will flow into 2011.
As most of you know, Troy and I are having a baby....well I'm having the baby and Troy will be there for support. :)
Yesterday afternoon I talked Troy into doing a mini photo shoot with me. We had a lot of fun...I think Troy enjoyed bossing me around more than he should have!

The pics with the two of us were done using a tripod and timing. The others were taken by Troy. I take no credit aside from editing. In the first pic I wanted to add more negative space so I did so in PS rather than having Troy try to do it through the lens.

Hands Extended:

Me with Baby H Preview:

From my eyes:

Troy and I with Baby H Preview: