Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 101

As predicted, another fabulous day. We started the day off just lounging on the couch and getting in some much needed R&R. Then we made a trip to Home Depot to pick out paint colors for my old room at home that Mom just finished having remodeled....words can't express how happy I am to see the old wood paneling go!
Afterwards we went for a long walk along the lake with the boys followed by dinner cooked by the husband. A perfect Sunday if you ask me!
Mom's trip here has gone so fast! I can't believe she's going back home tomorrow. We'll miss her! But, we'll be back home soon.

Tonight's shot comes from our lake walk. In PS I added an exposure and contrast layer and topped it off with a b&w layer. Enjoy!!

Lake Tree:

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dena said...

It wasn's cold in Chicago when this picture was taken. Black and White makes it so cold! Maybe add the green tint just to the tree.