Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 114

Well....whoever said it was the thought that counts was right. Such grand ambitions planned for today mainly involving work. But alas, we slept in too late, spent too long at the dog park (much to the boys' pleasure), ran unplanned errands and spent the rest of the day at home lounging around and watching movies. Seriously, can you say "lazy"? But, it felt fantastic!!!

In PS I did more than usual (sitting on the couch all evening allows for that). I added an exposure, contrast and selective color layer. Then, I added a warming filter. Next, I used the quick selection tool to select the background and change it to be something other than white (our current wall color). Originally my plan was to make is a completely different color but I happened upon the mustardy yellow and actually like it. Voila! Lastly, I cleaned it up a bit with the clone tool and removed a couple of pieces of dog hair that I could see! Enjoy!

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