Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 106

Ahhhhh.....Friday. Enjoying a fabulous evening with the husband tonight. Dinner and movie in with a glass of wine.

Tonight's shots are fun pics. The first was taken on a sidewalk not too far from our place. It makes me smile. A real life monopoly board!

Luxury Tax:

The second cracks me up! Being a dog owner I can honestly tell you that nothing irritates me more than to see someone not pick up their dog's business. Especially those owners that have the 10 pound dogs and think because their dog's poop is small it doesn't warrant cleaning up. You people suck. You're wrong. It attracts rats the same way that poop in greater proportion does. And worst of all, little dog shit smears to the bottom of my shoes the same as big dog shit does. Pick up the poop! Please.

Poop Instructions: