Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58

What an absolutely perfect day!! Aside from the KU loss that is - but we won't bring that up.....
My wonderful husband started the day by driving me to perhaps the best bakery we've found in Chicago. The Bleeding Heart Bakery is a local, organic and sustainable bakery. We sampled the donuts today and you'll hear no complaints from us. They were AMAZING! You're seriously missing out if you haven't yet discovered this place. There's no question that we'll be going back. If you live in the area (or really anywhere in a 200 mile radius) you should make the trip to try the sweet potato donut/donut holes, the peanut butter chocolate donuts, or the unbelievable scones....just to name a few.

In PS I added a combination of contrast, exposure and saturation layers.



Bleeding Heart:


W said...

I am outside the 200 mile radious! :( But you could have bagged a few up and snail mailed them to me lol. Day old is better than not at all. Teasing us Iowan's is a no no! I love the sign and just the rustic look all around and then the filed of view on the donuts very interesting and I am sure your mom loves the colors. Once again great job young lady.... Troy you get the credit for finding the palce and taking your favorite photographer there. I will expect donuts any day now ;O)

Deidra Haigh said...

W - I'll bring some back the next time I make it to IA!!

dena said...

When is that going to be?? I need a painter soon! :-)