Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33

I love public transportation - trains in particular (my good friend Anna just did a post about trains as well that I can completely relate to - check it out here ). In fact, public transportation is one of the biggest reasons that we made the move to Chicago. I have to say I haven't been disappointed. I take the train twice each day and on average drive only 10 miles each month. Public transportation has a whole slew of advantages, but perhaps the best is that it's better for the environment. So, for approx. 20 minutes twice per day I do my small part for the environment while someone else drives me to work!

Tonight's post was taken while I was waiting on the platform during my evening commute.

In PS I added layers to adjust the contrast, saturation and exposure. Nothing new.

Talking Commuter:


dena said...

Is this a poparazzi shot? I like how you framed the subject.

Caylyn said...

Public transportation is great. Glad you can do your part for the environment. Someone needs to balance me out with the 90 miles I drive a day. Sad, I know.

Anna Linde said...

I think this one is my favorite so far. I definitely looked at it a really long time. It feels like Paris! More shooting strangers!Thanks for the link!

Deidra Haigh said...

Thanks everyone!
Anna - I'm working on the stranger thing...I still feel a little weird about it. All in good time!
Mom - way to throw out the "framing" term!
Caylyn - I know EXACTLY what you mean. I did the same drive for a little over four years. That's how we ended up here!!

Troy said...

This is fantastic. This is probably my favorite picture yet, other than the guest blog pic i took of Brinker of course.