Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 53

Really crappy Monday. Long day, too many meetings, not enough productivity. Hoping for a better Tuesday.

On a positive note I really like tonight's post. I love the bokeh effect and the way the wire is dangling over the top of the sign. I also like the way the chain-link fence is so pronounced on the lower half of the picture and the rust on the sign.

In PS I add a layer of contrast as well as exposure to make the colors (the few that there are)stand out more. Best part is the gate was actually open when I shot the photo. :)


dena said...

With all the wire holding the sign on, looks like it could of been here on the farm! All the gates have wire on them here - I think it is some sort of combination!

W. S. said...

The large photo of this shows the depth of field much better it is really nice... and the black wire or twin I can't tell which is cool the way it winds here and there. Would be neat if you took it and and duplitcated it the removed the sign and only left the wire/twin and a dded a drop shaddow to reflect down on the original sign. I don't want much do I? ;O)

Anna Linde said...

Wow, I can't believe you are on day 52 already! It is amazing. This is going to be the coolest thing to look back on to for the rest of your life!