Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42

Two of my favorite things: Photos and Food.

I made a stir fry tonight that turned out delicious! Troy picked out all of the meat so I guess I'll have veggie stir fry for lunch tomorrow. I also embraced my inner child and played with my food. Sorry Mom.

In PS I added a selective color layer to bring out the reds and greens. I also added some contrast. I really need to spend some time learning new PS stuff!

Stir Fry:


dena said...

Where's Javier??

Anonymous said...

Wayne and Lora Patten are very impressed as your wonderful mom directed us your way. Keep up the great work and I will learn from you. Lora

Deidra Haigh said...

Thanks Lora!! Any comments/advice you have are more than welcome!!!

Deidra Haigh said...

Mom - Javier will make another appearance can't request every photo!

dena said...

why not????? I am the mom!

Riley wants to be on the blog. :-(