Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47

I took this on my way home tonight from outside our friendly neighborhood dry cleaner. I say friendly because in the winter they let us bring the dogs inside while we pick up our stuff. They even have dog treats for the boys! And, they know who we are without asking every time we go in. It's funny how much like a small town our little corner of the city can be.

In PS I added a few different layers to help bring out the colors. I cropped this from a much larger picture so the final image turned out a bit out of focus. Plus, shooting through a glass window doesn't help. What I like best about the photo is the wood paneling behind the spools of thread. That stuff hasn't been popular since the 70's yet unlike avocado appliances and Atari this stuff won't die.

All in all, not super happy with the shot, but it'll do for today. I have 318 days to redeem myself!

Sew Out of Date:

Also including another shot tonight.


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dena said...

I like all the bright colors!!

Is that below the "L"??