Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 57

FRIDAY!!!!! I was seriously starting to wonder if my life becoming a constant continuation of Mondays. Awful.
But we made it! Looking forward to a fantastic weekend with the husband and some quality girl time with some great friends!

I love tonight's photos. I love the bright colors and the peeling paint. My favorite parts are the rust eroded hinges and the way the blue line and green line cut through each photo to divide the shot yet bring it all together. Hope everyone enjoys these as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

In PS I added contrast layers to each as well as an exposure layer. Nothing new, but then again I didn't think these photos needed much. The first is not simply a cropped image of the was taken completely separate.

Peeling Paint Hinge:

Peeling paint Window:

1 comment:

dena said...

I love the detail of the layers of paint that is going on...and of coarse the bright colors.