Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9

We went out to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant (outside of Italy) to celebrate our good friend Eric's birthday tonight. I honestly can't think of anything better than an evening spent with good food and great friends!
If you're ever in the city you have to check out Rose Angelis. Great Italian food with even better service. If you go, ask for Sergio and get the bread pudding!

Took the below photo today with "vintage" in mind. We have a fan we bought a while back that is modeled after the old vintage fans. But, because it's new of course it looks like it's trying to hard. Yes, our fan is trying to be something it's not. A shame.

So, I turned up my ISO intentionally to cause more "noise" and saturated it some. Finally I put a black and white layer on it. After all, in vintage photos you rarely see color. :)

Vintage Fan:

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dena said...

Like the idea of the fan. For me my eye goes directly to the black knob on the fan. I think I might have cropped it there.