Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26

I was digging around the house tonight for our once-cherished-now-forgotten point and shoot camera charger. Having looked everywhere else I decided to check the end table drawer. Not there. Maybe it's in the other end table drawer. Nope. Hmmmm.....maybe the coffee table drawer? Nada.

I did however find not one, not two, but FIVE wireless mice in one drawer. How is that possible you ask? No idea. But, because it made me laugh I'm posting a picture. I tried making the mice look more interesting than they were (let's face it, that may not even be possible) by shooting from an angle that we rarely look at them. Normally we view them from above and I thought this would add a little "something" to the photo.


In PS I sharpened, adjusted the saturation levels, and played around with a selective color layer. The biggest change was adjusting the contrast levels to bring out the red and blue colors.

1 comment:

dena said...

Looks like the mini race cars from the future!