Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18

What a great day!! I've had an itch to go snowboarding lately so I loaded up my board and set out for the mountain.....or mole hill. There's a ski area about an hour north of the city in Wisconsin. I knew the runs would be short and the snow would be more ice than snow. What I didn't anticipate however were the 5 busloads of kids that showed up. (Damn, I thought it was only a holiday for me). But, it was still fun, and although it was nothing like Colorado or Tahoe it fulfilled my need.

On the way back I took the "scenic" route (Yes, mom, it was intentional) and snapped some shots along the way.

Rehab (yes I realize how wrong this is):

For the "Rehab" photo I wish that the sky would have been a bit more blue. Maybe I could have used the quick selection tool to select that area and modify the colors within it to bring out the sky a bit more. Might have to play around with it a again. :)


I really ended up liking the yellow pic. I love bright colors in the dead of winter. Just such a wake up for the eyes when all you've seen for months are shades of grey.


W said...

Hey I like the yellow too and yea go ahead I dare ya to play around with that sky! ;O)

dena said...

Got to LOVE the bar sign!