Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28

I'm probably breaking 20 different photography rules here, but I liked this shot.
My favorite part is how the ropes on the net get lost among the vines. This basketball hoop is located in an alley behind our place and looks to be long ago forgotten. I feel like the vines taking over the hoop tell the whole story. Some may disagree and just call it busy. I may have to try this one again in the summer when the vines are filled in.

In PS I added an exposure layer to lighten the photo some. I took it at night and didn't want to drown everything out by using the flash (when I was taking the shot I raised my ISO up to almost 2000 to compensate). Second, I added a contrast to bring out some of the vines' shadows. Lastly I lowered the saturation down so that the yellowness from the street light wasn't as pronounced.



dena said...

Interesting! I would like to see it in the summer too.

The Kult Family said...

It's practically a "where's waldo" photo! I didn't even notice the basketball hoop when I looked at it initially. Then when I read the description I looked again and sure enough...a hoop. :) Also I'm tired and it's almost 1am, that could have something to do with it too.