Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21

January has been helpful with the blog. Because I do a post each day, my "Day" titles line up with the day of the month. Unfortunately in a little over a week this will no longer be the case. I will however be that person full of useless knowledge who can tell you what day of the year it is!

Today's photo was taken on my way home from work. I couldn't get out at lunch and had to rush home for a conference call so I was getting desperate. The headlights of an old Jeep caught my eye. You don't see round headlights very often any more. I used PS to make this have an almost "cartoon" effect. This was done with multiple layers of exposure, contrast and saturation. I like the way the street light is reflecting off of the small water puddles on the body of the jeep.


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dena said...

Just not sure about this one. Must be something interesting about it though, I keep looking at it! teehee