Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16

Tonight's post is a two-fer.
The first is a "guest blog" of sorts. My husband Troy took a few pictures of our dog Brinker this afternoon and I thought they were too good not to post. So, below is the first pic of today. I did the editing in PS and just ended up adding some contrast and cropping it just a bit. I really liked the way he only had half of his face in the frame. I thought it turned out great!


The second is more of a fun photo. Since my mom's birthday vacation last year to Napa our family has adopted a new member. Javier is a hot dog....with legs....and arms. He tends to make random appearances in photos. So here is his first introduction to the Internet. Please give Javier a warm welcome.

The husband and I were particularly bored today so we staged a Javier cook off outside in the snow using a random sculpture we brought back from Mexico a few years ago.

Wiener Roast:


dena said...

Javier! Where have you been? I love your new hot tub. We need to take another vacation. Any ideas?

Brinker you are such a handsome boy!

W said...

OMG! Wheres MR. Bill?

Caylyn said...

So sweet. Brinker and those soft jowls.

Deidra Haigh said...

Thanks Guys!! Glad you enjoyed the pics!
And Caylyn - not so sweet when they are full of slobber! :)