Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14

I hate Kettlebells!!! I can barely take my shoes off. I wonder if they sell whole body wraps of those heat pads that you stick on your back? If not, they should seriously consider developing them. And, they should sell them at Costco so that I can buy them in bulk. Okay, so it's maybe not THAT bad, but I am much more aware of some muscle groups that I didn't know I had. Being the fool I am I've already made plans to go again next week!

Today's shot was taken outside the Capital Grille downtown. Normally statues don't arouse my interest but this one had so much character I had to attempt to capture it.
I really like the facial expression here. There was almost a grumpy-sad feeling to it. Normally statues are so stoic and expressionless.

For this shot I actually put the lion half out of the frame (no cropping). It was completely symmetrical so I thought having the whole lion in the frame was too much. I really wanted to focus on what I found interesting and thought this was the best way to do it.

I used PS to fade out the background so that the focus was on the statue. I also used some coloring/hue/saturation tools to help bring out the red beneath the peeling paint.


Also, thought it would be fun to show where I found this guy and how big they are(I used the one on the right). This is from the Capital Grille website:


Anna Linde said...

I think by only showing half of the lions face you really emphasized the sadness in the expression. I also leave a little to the imagination - what is on the other half of the face? Where is this lion, and why is he so sad? Lions aren't sad, they are kings of the forest. The photo is really intriguing . I think i might like it in total grayscale.
I hung art at a guys gym once who, at the time, was like the only official kettle bell guy in Minnesota. He was really into it. Isn't it the traditional training method for Russian soldiers or something?

W said...

Please if you don't mind post the original of the Lion too! Well you could ps the background. But I am not so sure about the peeling paint thing would like to see it both ways :}] Oh and he sort of looks like me an old grump and about ready to bite someones head off lol....