Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6

To all of those servers, bartenders, table runners, hostesses, and line cooks out there: Thank You!!! After having worked in many of the roles above I can honestly say the restaurant business is one of the most thankless, cruel, stressful, alcoholic, drug abusing, insane and completely rewarding places that one can call home. It's a whole different world and until you've been a part of it you can't possibly understand.

I owe a ton to the restaurant world. For starters I met a lot of really great people, my husband topping that list. You also learn a lot about yourself. I learned I could tell a little white lie pretty well ("The chef messed up your order, I'm really sorry. It should be out shortly" was code for "I forgot to put your order in"). I learned that everyone dates each other and no one has secrets. I learned that it's ok to get mad (more specifically it's ok to tell off the one top "library lady" who comes in every week, requests to sit in your section and then stiffs you after you refill her diet Pepsi 18 times - hypothetically speaking of course). Most importantly though, I learned what it felt like to have a group of friends that would do anything for you and will always be there for you.

So thank you to all of you out there for doing such a great job. It's not easy. I know. (and to those of you who suck - please stop working in the business)

Closing Time:
I wasn't horribly happy with the picture. I liked the colors, but it just didn't capture my interest. Looked better through the lens than it did as a final product.

Sooo......I played around in PS a little......

Closing Time (2):

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dena said...

I like the idea of the chairs - just not fond of the background.