Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7

Happy one week anniversary to the 2010 In Photos Blog!
Late post tonight. Went out for drinks and dinner for some much needed girl time (thanks Becca and Nicole!).
I walk by this corner everyday and have never noticed the graffiti. I love how this project has forced me to open my eyes. I'm seeing things and looking for shots in a way that I never did before....and it's only the first week!
I know that many people are adamantly against "street art" as it's often referred to, but I'm not yet sure how I feel. I of course disagree with the defacing of personal property, etc., but after reading Mole People I feel I understand (to an extent) the other side of the story. I'm in no way condoning the act, I simply think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I slowed my shutter speed to 60 to capture the cars moving in the background and focused in on my point of interest. I also shot at an agle to create more visual interest.In PS I sharpened and added some contrast.

Street "art":


support said...

awesome I love this!

Hey check out and search clone tool. It will show you how to remove the bag I told you about.)

dena said...

interesting. I think it is that way after the girls night out!

BTW - I am seriously addicted to your blog. Keep them coming.

Deidra Haigh said...

Thanks guys!!!! Wayne, I'll check out the website this weekend - I'll more than likely have questions so don't be surprised if you get an email :)
Mom - glad I can give you one more thing on-line to do! Really glad you like it.

support said...

You even got the rule of thirds in nicely even with the angle

good job.....