Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 205

Last night we went to our good friend Becca's 30th birthday party. Happy (early) Birthday Becca!!
We had a great time but I really didn't feel like doing the blog when we got you get two posts today. :)

One of Becca's friends brought the cake - it was amazing. You know those mad hatter cakes that you always see done on the Food Network? Well this was one of those, but even better. As a cake topper it had a mini martini glass! So cute!

We had a great time!

29 No Mas:

30! (Not a great pic, but I wanted to show the cake off!)


dena said...

Happy Birthday Cake, Becca

Bridget Kult said...

D~Could you possibly find out how much this cake cost for me please. I am making one today for Seth's Birthday and they are a TON of work! And now I have a g-friend that wants me to make one for her daughter's birthday in September. But I want to be sure my price quote is in good range. I have not seen any bakeries in Omaha make these, so I don't have a frame of comparison to work with. Thanks!!!