Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 200

As my good friend Anna pointed out to me today, my birthday actually falls on Day 200!! Happy Birthday to Me!!
So tonight's post is a little different.
I'm having a blast with this new tool in PS5. I can basically remove things from a picture and PS automatically fills in the background for me! Probably the best tool ever created! I mean c'mon, who hasn't wanted to remove someone from a picture - especially those obnoxious people in the background that you don't notice until later. Or maybe ex boyfriends? EVERYONE has a reason to use this tool.

So for my bday, I have created a present for all of you - a game of sorts - to say thank you for keeping me going over the past 7 months. This is an ode to my days in college sitting in front of the megatouch after a shift at Carlos. It's called Photo Hunt, and the object is to identify what is different about the two photos. There are five differences total. See if you can find them all! If you leave a comment I'll post the winner in tomorrow night's post. Hint: A bigger scale may help.....I didn't say it would be easy! (I can't take all the credit though, my husband actually had the idea a while ago - Thanks T)
Did I mention how much I LOVE this new tool??

Photo Hunt 1:

Photo Hunt 2:


Anonymous said...

I got them...I think!
1. Red Westin letters are missing
2. one window on cement part of bridge is missing.
3. on pillar on the right side of bridge is missing.
4. kayaker in the water to the right of the blue boat is missing
5. That cement tower thingy underneath the clock on the red building is missing!
What did I win? J/K :)I probably missed something.
- Becca

Deidra Haigh said...

Hahaha!!! I should have known you would get them Bec! All those years at the 'los and 4 years of KU education! You win....hmmm....a drink, this Saturday when I see you! Plus, I'll try to actually get some good pics of Cliffy this time! :)