Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 185

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic day with family and friends while celebrating our country's independence.
Our day didn't go exactly as planned, but it was a great day nonetheless.
The plan was to get up early and head over to the dog beach, but after waking up late our plans were thrown awry. But, we headed over to the dog beach anyways only to find out that all of the beach entrances were being blocked off and there was no way to get there. We turned around and unloaded the dogs and the picnic gear and put in a movie and took a nap. I know, I know, naps are becoming a regular thing around here. But hey, we're on vacation!!
Tonight we headed over to the lake to watch the fire works at Navy Pier. They were just so-so. But, it was still nice to set up a picnic and watch them over the lake against the city skyline.
I tried to snap a few shots but forgot my tripod (rookie mistake). Ugh. Sooooo...instead I played around with the shutter speed.

Green Fireworks:

Multicolor Fireworks:

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dena said...

HAPPY 4th to you too! Love the photos.