Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 194

2 days down and about 3 days worth of work completed already - the week is going even better than expected so far!!

Plus I got a few exciting pieces of news the last few days:

1.) My best friend Erika got engaged over the weekend. Her and her fiance started dating about a year after Troy and I did. I'm so ridiculously happy for them!!
2.) Anna, one of my best friends and roommate from college also got engaged last week to a great guy. Yay!! Now we just have to talk her into moving to Chicago :)
3.) My brother is moving from south Texas to Seattle which is WAY more appealing to visit. Bring on the Indie rock and green living!

Anyone else have any good news??

Cartoon City:


Caylyn said...

Christie and I are visiting a friend in Seattle in August. This friend moved from NYC to Seattle, so we were actually sad we won't get to visit NYC, but Seattle should still be lots of fun!

dena said...

hummmmm I didn't see any of these buildings on our river boat cruise. What a fun take on the Chicago buildings!

Anna Linde said...

I really like this one! It is a brand new look at the Chicago skyline - and that is hard to accomplish!I love the colors, they are so vibrant, but for some reason, still totally believable. Nice work!

Deidra Haigh said...

Thanks everyone!
Caylyn - I'm sure you will love Seattle. And, you can always visit us in Chicago for your Trader Joes fix :)