Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 197

I have the best husband in the world. Seriously.
I come home from work a little bit early today to find a not scrolled on the bathroom mirror giving me a clue as to where I can find my early bday gift (my birthday is Monday).
So, I take off in search of a "message doll" not knowing exactly what this is. What I find else where in the house is a little Japanese made figurine where messages can be hidden. In this message doll I find a note from my husband giving me another clue. I find my gift cleverly hidden along with the books on our bookshelf. I got a Nook!!!! And a fancy red cover for it! I'm so excited because since I've borrowed Troy's I've been kind of bummed on the train when I need both hands to turn the pages. Not that easy to do on a moving train. I also got a coupe new magazines, and some of my favorite snacks!
Thank you to my wonderful husband!! I love you!

Tomorrow night our good frineds' Becca and Eric are having us over to grill out and then on Sunday the hubby and I are headed to Table 52 (or so I think - he keeps telling me we're going to McDonald's). Great weekend ahead!!

BBQ This Way:


dena said...

beckey and terry need this sign for the Dragon Wagon BBQ in Grinnell!

Bridget Kult said...

Would you like to go out for BBQ or Barbecue?

Deidra Haigh said...

haha!! In case your mind doesn't work in acronyms! :)