Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 147

Today was our niece Aliah's 7th birthday!
I remember the day she was born and let me assure you it does not seem like it was 7 years ago. But alas, it was and she has grown into a beautiful little girl.
Along with Aliah we also got to spend time with two of our other favorite Haigh girls, Annabelle and Violet.
A great night spent with family.

We are flying home in the morning and are leaving here at 5:30 so I'm keeping it short.
Looking forward to the fact that tomorrow is Friday and this very rough week will soon be behind us.

Aliah With Birthday Presents (notice the two missing teeth!)

Violet (trying to walk into the camera):


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Christie said...

What a treat to have you here for Aliah's birthday! Hugs!