Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!!
Hopefully everyone had a great day. Myself? Well, I started the day with a 6:30am conference call and didn't leave the office until 9. But, it was a good day. I got a TON of things done that I've been aiming to do for the past week. I know, it's sad how much I accomplish in the hours not between 8-5.

Snapped tonight's photo on the way home. It's one of our favorite neighborhood places with outside seating (which tonight was full due to the great weather and with the holiday) My wonderful husband came and picked me up hence the drive-by look to the photo. This definitely isn't my favorite by far, but it's all I've got today so you'll have to deal with it. In PS I added an exposure, contrast and saturation layer.

Drive By Margaritas:

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dena said...

Was he driving 90 mph?? lol