Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 139

Happy Hump Day! Gorgeous day here.
It seems like all of our warmer weather this spring has been accompanied by rain. But not today. Today was 70's and sunny!
And because I made a point of getting out of work at 5 the boys and I actually got to enjoy the weather.
This is such a great time of year. My nose was in heaven. It was like a scent buffet with all of the flowers blooming! We wandered up and down our neighborhood blocks weaving in and out of the residential streets. I love our neighborhood. In such a big city its amazing to me that it can still feel so homey. :)

I'm breaking the rule of thirds tonight - well not really I guess. But, I've noticed that lately I no longer have to really think about the rule before shooting. It seems to be coming naturally.
In PS I've added an exposure, contrast and selective color layer.

Sandy Bench:

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