Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 89

NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!

Well, our travel wasn't exactly great today. We got off to a late start, I had trouble going through security and had my mace (that is attached to my house keys and has made about 20 flights in the past year) confiscated along with a warning and written up in a log. Ughhh. Then the airline changed my seat so T and I weren't next to each other so we pissed off some lady by asking if she'd give up her seat, which she did.
Once we got her we were welcomed by rain, wind and 40 degree weather. But being the troopers that we are, we walked around in it anyways for the whole day. We had dinner at the Spotted Pig - EXCELLENT and highly recommend if you are ever here!!

This first shot was taken at the Trinity Cemetery off of Wall Street. If you look closely you can see the rain coming down. This place was awesome. So much character. I hope the pictures don't come across morbid. Not at all what I was going for. I just think cemeteries are have this way of communicating that nothing else compares to. So much history. Amazing.

Trinity Cemetery, NY:

The second pic is pretty obvious. The New York Stock Exchange. I really like the way this turned out. Reminds me of all the photos we took while we were in Italy with all of the huge Roman pillars. I also like the angle. There was no possible way to get the entire building in the shot so I chose this route. I think it works.


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Anna Linde said...

Ah, I'm so jealous! I have never been either, and I can
t believe it. Keep up the great work!