Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61

I'm in a rut. I'm uninspired and feel like my photos haven't been great lately.
If anyone one has any ideas, please pass them along.

Tonight's post was taken across the street from where I work. I love shots that show the life that I've become accustomed to in the past 2 years. And, well, taxis are a huge part of that.

In PS I added a few layers to bring out the colors a bit more. Enjoy!



dena said...

Yep looks like city living! I love all the different colors of the taxis, but really like how the light is in the trees. Your doing a great job!!!! Love ya

dena said...

How about some Riley photos, street signs, trees, dog park. I think I need to come to Chicago! You could always come home and take photos of all the mud puddles! :-)

Deidra Haigh said...

Thanks Mom!!!

Anna Linde said...

Sorry about the lack of inspiration, I totally feel it too. I think it must be the weather. I still love this photo! The colors are obviously really enhanced, but I love it. It's the repetition of brightness amongst the mundane that I think I like. Good work!