Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 87

So the movie we went to yesterday The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was excellent. Often times I feel like the movies can't hold a candle to the written version, but this was an exception. If you don't mind subtitles I highly recommend it. However, it is rated "R" for a reason. All in all excellent film. I still recommend the book first though.

We also spend a couple hours before the movie Geocaching. What is this you ask? Well, kind of a grown up version of a treasure hunt. It's done world wide and organized online. Troy and I both thought this would be something that my sister-in-law's family would love. It's based completely on coordinates so a Garmin would come in handy. We got the idea from my friend Anna's blog. We had a great time walking around the city looking for random stuff people have hidden!!

The below shot was taken at one of the many marinas by the lake. For this shot I added a contrast and selective color layer. Lastly I added an invert layer to get the negative effect.

Negative Marina:

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w said...

Nice Deidra Like the skyline against the black/green sky very nice ps