Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62

Multi-tasking tonight. I've been on work conference calls all night that don't look to be ending anytime soon. Talk about productive! :)

I tried to be creative tonight in PS, but to no avail. In the pic below I attempted to create my first drop shadow. Not a complete failure, but I think I'll reserve it for my own critique for now. I'm exhausted and heading to bed so maybe I'll show my progress on this project later this week. For now, all you get are a few layers to bring out color.

Lone Bike:


W said...

Aww experimentation is a good thing! Drop shadows are fun you will be great you always are! No pressure tee hee!!!!!!

Deidra Haigh said...

Ha! No pressure at all. I've got this! :) I'll post it again when I get the hang of it. I think I may have picked a more complicated object to add a drop shadow my defense!

W said...

Tee Hee I have nothing but pure confidence in you! ;O)