Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 80

Well, the weekend is over and we're back home in Chicago!
It was such an awesome weekend spent with amazing friends! It's so weird to think about where we all were 10 years ago and how far we've come and the different roads we've taken. Mainly the difference between I-80 and I-35 in a more literal sense. But, no matter where we end up and what the next 10 years may bring I take comfort in the fact that these people will be a huge part of our lives. What a great feeling!! Thank you Krisha, Stuart and Pepe for a weekend that we so desperately needed!

This photo was taken down in TX. Pepe pulled over so that I could get some shots of this old dilapidated warehouse. In PS I added a selective color layer so that I could bring out the color in the sky. I tried to do an infrared look with a Channel Mixer and Overlay, but I didn't get the effect I was going for.

Old Warehouse in Texas:

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