Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 226

My best friend Erika and her fiance Travis were in town visiting for a few days over the weekend.
They were exhausted after the long trip back home and the gobs of wedding planning they had undertaken in the past week so we did a lot of nothing. Had an amazing time though and it was so good to see them. I miss you guys already!!
While they were here Erika and Travis decided it was time I learned how to bake a pie which I was all too willing to learn. Especially seeing as how it is based on a recipe passed down from Erika's grandma.
It was delicious - I even rolled (half) of the pie crust out myself!
I was told though that it was a bit thicker than it should be......but I blame it on the pie dish. You see the Haigh house does not consist of a pie dish....instead we have a GIANT stoneware circle dish that we thought would work.....we were wrong.
I'm now left (3 days later and 6 pieces of pie consumed between 3 people) with half of a GIANT pie. Still.


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Erika said...

It was great seeing you guys!!! Great Picture of the pie!