Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 166

I have to be honest, the blog hasn't been anywhere near the top of my priority list the last couple weeks. A majority of my time/energy has been spent on work, which most of you know by now has been anything but normal 8-5 hours the last few months.

But this week is a little different. On top of work, I've found myself sucked into a new book. The last in a series of 3 books written by a Swedish author, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. The first two were fantastic and the third came out just a few weeks ago. The catch here is that my sweet husband bought it on his Nook (his electronic reader) which meant that it made absolutely no sense for me to buy it in a hard copy. My real theory is that this was his way of proving to me that my life had a large void because I didn't have the Nook.

Well, it worked! I love it. The best part is that on my commutes I don't have to wait for a stop to turn a page (for fear of the train coming to an abrupt halt sending my face into some stranger's armpit). Another great thing about this is that it takes up only a fraction of the purse space that my books normally do!



troy said...

I love the nook. Now i'll have to get the ipad since i probably won't get the nook back!!!

dena said...

where am I going to get my books from now?

Deidra Haigh said...

T - there's no way you'd get the ipad, we can't even figure out the point of it, plus it weighs 10 pounds. If you needed another reason, it won't fit in your purs....errr man backpack.

Momo - don't worry - we still have about 100 on our bookshelf that you haven't got too! :)

Bridget Kult said...

I couldn't even get past the first 100 pages of the first book. : (

Christie said...

I read the first book a while ago, I didn't realize there were two more in the series. Three more clicks and I will have the second one waiting for me at my library. I'm not high tech like you guys. :)

Deidra Haigh said...

Bridget - you need to try again. Well worth the read! If not, they actually did a movie in Sweeden. Fantastic as long as you don't mind subtitles. Def. not one for the kids though!

Christie - From what I've read he wrote all three, but they weren't published until after he passed away. Let me know how you like the second. I would offer to loan you the 3rd once I'm done but T might be a little upset if I give away the nook! :)