Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 152

First day back at work after the long weekend and week away. As I imagined, it was not nearly as productive as I needed.

Tonight, the husband put up new shelving in the office. Yay!!! I know this doesn't seem exciting, but for me it means getting rid of the old oak bookshelf that we've moved 6 times now. Plus, it means getting rid of stuff that we've been carting around ON the bookshelf for years. The best part? More floor space which not only makes the office feel better, but allows for our guests to have a not-so-cramped place to sleep. :)

For the below I added an exposure, contrast and b&w layer. I wanted to focus on all of the different layers.

Layers of Leaves:


beth foster said...

I was showing off your blog to ben last night. now maybe if I could get him to read it to see that troy does stuff around the house... ;)
love the photos - you are so good!!

Deidra Haigh said...

Thanks Mrs. Foster!! Yeah, don't let the blog mislead you, it took a decent amount of pleading to get those shelves! I earned them :)

dena said...

Ha Ha and I will enjoy them when I come to visit!!!!